Suspect In Custody

Kuna Police are holding 18-year-old Victor Muro in an Ada County Jail cell on felony eluding and grand theft charges. The charges are in connection to the fight that broke out at a party in Kuna on Sunday, December 4 just after midnight.

According to a news release issued by the Ada County Sheriff's Office, Kuna police discovered a handgun in Muro's car after the teen crashed his car near the intersection of Ten Mile and Hubbard road.

Investigators believe Muro is the gunman who shot two people as they drove away from the Kuna party.

When police arrived they found two people in a car on the side of the road with the driver’s side window shattered and damage to the door. The driver had visible injuries from being hit by shattered glass.

The driver told police he and his passenger were just at a party at N. Caterpillar Avenue in Kuna and were trying to leave when the car they were in was surrounded by several men who threatened them.

The driver said he was driving away when someone fired several shots, hitting and breaking his driver’s side window and windshield. —Ada County Sheriff's Office

As reported by KTVB7, three Kuna homes were hit by rounds from Muro's firearm. While no residents were injured, the incident has shaken the citizens within the quiet rural community.

The case is still an active investigation. In the coming days, authorities anticipate additional charges will be filed with updates issued accordingly.

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