Oh hey look here's a bunch of new laws that flew under the radar and WHY AREN'T MORE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THIS??

This isn't some small list of things that are changing in Idaho. To be exact, Idaho legislature passed 359 new laws, almost all of which have already been signed by Governor Otter. What does this mean for us? Here's a few standouts:

  • Mothers found breastfeeding in public can no longer be charged with indecent exposure
  • Employers now have less power when it comes to suing a former employee over a non-compete clause in their contract
  • Threatening a school or school-related-activity with violence is now a misdemeanor; it's a felony if the threat maker owns a firearm
  • The "Stand Your Ground" law has passed in Idaho
  • If you drive slow in the left lane (which is the PASSING lane, not the FAST lane) you can be cited, which is awesome
  • Fully disabled military veterans will receive lower property taxes

You can view the entire list of new laws here, many of which are sure to be a hot topic for weeks to come...


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