New to Idaho? Welcome! To help you settle in, we've compiled a list of valuable resources to help Idaho's newest Idahoans adapt to and thrive in Idaho!

1. Drink Here. When you're going through something as major as transitioning to life in a new state, there's nothing quite like a stiff drink to take the edge off. If you're looking for a low-key local watering hole to call home, check out our list of Boise's Best Dive Bars. Each bar on the list is accompanied by authentic reviews from locals who know what's up.

2. Save Money.  Meat-lovers and bargain shoppers, do your budget a favor and download the Albertsons Deals & Deliveries app. I just saved $1 on every gallon of gas I pumped. No matter how well I'm doing in life, I'll always appreciate saving $16 on a tank of gas.

3. Traffic Advisory. Treasure Valley traffic is the heaviest its ever been in the eight years I've lived here. Protect yourself from traffic jams and tardy slips with and Idaho511—they're awesome resources! They also cover weather and construction updates.

4. School Choice. Only you know what's best for your child, and our lawmakers know it. This is why Idaho is a School of Choice state. If you need help understanding the process, West Ada School District's guide to understanding lottery rules is a huge help.

5. The Greenbelt. The Boise Greenbelt is the tie that binds Idaho's Treasure Valley cities. It's also one of the best and fastest ways to get plugged into the community. From events to local businesses nestled on the banks of the Boise River, the Greenbelt rocks. Learn more about it here.

6. We Say It Like This. Idaho has its own way of saying things. Check out our way of pronouncing certain words and names of our cities here and here!

7. News & Events. Keeping up with local news and current events can be challenging for anyone, not just transplants. Stay in the know by downloading free apps like News Break and Visit Boise, or visiting other free publications like Visit Idaho and Boise Greenbelt.

8. Gone Fishin' & Huntin'. Fishing, hunting, and conservation are sacred institutions in Idaho. Whether you're a novice or seasoned with experience, Idaho Fish and Game is the end-all, be-all on those subjects. As long as you adhere to and uphold our laws and protocols, all are welcome to participate.

9. Neighborly Neighbors. It seems we're a state divided when it comes to knowing our neighbors. Some insist upon knowing the folks next door, while others do all they can to avoid them. Getting to know my neighbors, local patrons, and business owners over the last eight years elevated Idaho from a house to a home for our family. If you're pro-neighbor and pro-in-the-know, the NextDoor app is a free, quick, and easy way to embed yourself in your community.

10. Facebook. Idaho and Facebook are two potatoes in a skillet! No matter what you're into or what you're looking for, there's an Idaho Facebook group book devoted to it. Joining these 10 Boise Facebook groups is a solid way to follow along and get in on everything Boise.

11. Yelp & Four Square. Idahoans have opinions on just about everything! If you crave local insight and honest reviews on restaurants, hair salons, tattoo parlors, daycare centers, entertainment venues, and more, Boise Yelp and Boise FourSquare won't let you down.

Bonus Tip. You might have heard stories about locals who ardently oppose transplants and Idaho's rapid growth. In truth, yes, those folks do walk and live among us, but they don't speak on my behalf, nor do they speak to how all Idahoans feel. If growing roots here is your goal, it's pretty simple: take care to keep Idaho, Idaho. That's it! Welcome to Idaho, neighbor.

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