A Giant Leap for For Idahokind

In 2022, the greater Boise area took a giant leap toward monumental population growth. Fast forward to March of 2023, and community news outlet Boise Dev combined their data with information released by the United States Census Bureau to determine how far the Treasure Valley was from reaching the 1 million people. Admittedly, we were stunned to learn the valley is but 100,000 transplants away from the mark.

No Anti-Transplant Sentiment

You won't find the "Idaho's full" anti-transplant sentiment here, yet we can't help but wish "the outsiders" would bunk elsewhere during this year's summer vacation season. Call us selfish, but after last year's spike in tourists, we'd love nothing more than to enjoy the wonders of the Gem State all to ourselves this summer.

Idaho Tourist Numbers in 2022

According to the Idaho Statesman, Idaho "accumulated a total of 705,126 visitors in 2022, the highest since 2018, when the state saw 751,445 visitors." If it felt like the Gem State was lacking in elbow room last year, now you know why.

To figure out where tourists spent the most time in 2022, we consulted with the ever reliable Tripadvisor. Coming in at number one was our beloved Boise Greenbelt followed by Shoshone Falls, Coeur d'Alene Lake, Seven Stars Alpaca Ranch, and Craters of the Moon National Monument.

When the tourists have overtaken our second largest lake, our alpacas, and our only claim to the moon, we think it's fair to re-direct them to some place with loads of space like Big Sky Montana or...Canada.

If you're thinking what we're thinking, scroll on for a gallery of laugh-out-loud things to say to folks who want to summer vacation in Idaho this year!

10 Reasons NOT To Vacation In Idaho

Summer is upon us! The sun is making its return, the kids are out of school, and we're all looking to make plans and finally get out of the house and away from that pestering thing we call "reality." With a whole world of opportunities, there are many places to consider visiting in Summer of 2022. You can go to Florida, you can go see Summertime Chi, maybe even fly down to Mexico, if that's your thing. One place you should NOT visit this summer? Idaho! Here are ten reasons why you should stay far away and plan your destination somewhere else this summer.

8 Amazing Things About Idaho That Idahoans Hate

Idaho has a lot to offer but sadly, there are people who hate the very things we love about the Gem State.

Internet Trolls Obsessing Over What Idaho Smells Like Is Hilarious 😆

BOISE, Idaho. ICYMI, Idaho's the stinky kid in class. And the keyboard warriors are having a little too much fun roasting the Gem State!
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