A full weekend of music, mountain air and adventure in Idaho's central mountains, July 27-29. Your Huckleberry Jam adventure not only includes great music, but you'll also be able to sample craft beers, try out activities ranging from hiking and mountain biking to boating on Lake Cascade. There are so many different camping/lodging options as well, but they will go fast, find the details HERE.

Whether this year's Huckleberry Jam is your first time experiencing an outdoor music festival, or you're a seasoned pro, here are ten items we're bringing with us to Tamarack this July that you might not have thought about!

  • Reusable Water Bottle - Stay hydrated! Sip water continually throughout the day instead of chugging it all at once.
  • Sunscreen - It can be hard to hide from the sun in the open-air at Tamarack. Keep yourself protected from a nasty burn by applying regularly.
  • Dry Shampoo - This (in addition to the wet wipes) will truly make you feel like a new person when you're unable to shower. Trust us.
  • Hand Sanitizer - Nobody wants to get sick during the festival. Sanitizing your hands before eating, and after using the port-o-potty is right up there with keeping yourself hydrated!
  • Extra Phone Battery/Charger - We need our phones for more than just talking. Everything from a flashlight, camera, and of course to Snapchat the entire experience. Don't be the one with a dead phone by the first night.
  • Sunglasses - Pretty self-explanatory, right?
  • Wet Wipes - Festivals always turn in to a bit of a sweat/dust/mud-fest. It can make all the difference in how you feel after just a quick wipe down!
  • Comfy Shoes - Ladies...trust us. These days there are enough cute, but still comfy shoes.
  • Food Prep - Pre-made foods or snacks that can be eaten easily, without a big mess. Even dehydrated packets of food like THESE are great, because they only require water to prepare and there's no cleanup.
  • First Aid Kit - Another one that needs no explanation. Extra bandages for blisters and sunburn cream are never a bad idea either.

So, if you ARE a music festival pro, what items would add to the list for the best Huckleberry Jam experience ever??

If you haven't snagged your tickets for The Huckleberry Jam, get them while you can, HERE!



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