We've had a very mild winter so far this year, but it looks like things could change this weekend. 

A number of heavy storms are supposed to cross over our area do to a dip in the JetStream. According to idahonews.com a Winter Storm Watch has been issued for the West Central Mountains, Boise Mountains, Upper Weiser River, and Baker County starting Friday afternoon and rolling through Tuesday of next week.

Skiers and snowboarders are going to love this because 1 to 3 feet of snow are expected to hit the mountains.

How will we fare in the valley? It's not clear right now because forecasters say the temperatures are unsteady come Saturday morning. Expect a rain/snow mix, but I'm getting my shovel and salt ready to go!

Do you love snow?! I could totally do without it. Having been born and raised in Salt Lake City, I greatly appreciate the overall milder winters that Boise has to offer. I like living in an area that offers up all four seasons, but as long as I see a light dusting of snow around the holidays I'm good! My kids, on the other hand, will be delighted at this news! Hopefully, if we do get significant snow on the valley floor it will be good snow for making snowmen! That's my favorite thing to do with the white stuff, but guaranteed Bogus is going to be packed this weekend!

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