If you are "that" friend who always says that they could eat a whole cow when you are out with your buddies. There are 7 places in Idaho where putting your mouth and tummy to work is encouraged. If you can do it you eat for FREE. 

Watching "Man Vs Food" and saying you could eat that and how could the host not finish is one thing but actually doing  is another. If you have the gut for it 7 spots in the Gem State are saying bring it on!

Nate's New York Pizza: The 18inch Solo Challenge (Post Falls)

Finish this 5 1/2 lb pie smothered with all the meats even a carnivore would ask to hold off on. Once you get it down you will need either a wheelchair to roll you out or a new pair of stretch pants for sure.

Superb Sushi - Demon's Delight Challenge (Boise) 

Credit: OnlyInYourState.com

Not one, not two but three different Challenges at this Boise Hot Spot. Take on the Death Roll Challenge, The La Bamba Roll Challenge and the Demon. Put away the Miso Soup, the rolls topped with some of the hottest super spicy Ghost Chili Powder. The kicker, eat it all under 5 minutes with NO DRINK.

The Garage Cafe- Hemi Challenge (Notus)

Two Pounds of Burger and Two pounds of fresh cut Idaho fries sounds like the perfect hungry man lunch. Take it down in addition to a large milkshake and you are one heavy eater.

Westside Pizza- Death By Pizza Challenge (Star) 

When you get a look at this pie you may think, what did they just pile the entire kitchen on it. Yes, they did exactly that. Every meat in the place on your slice of heaven. Finish it and be one of only a few to be crowned "WestSide Pizza Champion."

Rockies Dinner - Johnnie B. Goode Challenge (Boise) 

Credit: OnlyInYourState.com

Don't let this nice name fool you. This is all food, and 6 pounds of it. Beef stacked on cheese and smothered in sauce and more cheese. If anything this should be called "Johnnie Needs A Doctor like real quick". Add the cheese fries and a large milkshake in under half hour you will be stylin in a "I beat the Rock" T shirt Just know before you go in of the 2,000 plus only 30 have completed the challenge.

If you are salivating and thinking Bring It On, then best of luck! And bless your heart cause your stomach is gonna need some help.-JD