The Farmstead

WATCH: Producer JD Chases Pigs at The Farmstead
I never thought I would say these words in my lifetime, but...
I chased pigs at The Farmstead on Friday and it was hard!
I'm not really sure what I expected, but chasing to catch little piglets in a fenced in pen was way harder than people make it look...
Jimmy Fallon Sends A Sky Diving Hashtag The Panda To The Farmstead
Jimmy Fallon is the KING of Late Night TV! Oh okay that is my personal opinion but my goodness he is what The Tonight Show is all about. Personality. Idaho loves Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show and last night he sent his love to Idaho with the mascot of the show Hashtag the Panda .
CropFit Games Happening This Saturday at The Farmstead.
The Summer Olympics in Rio are now a distant memory. If you sat on the couch watching these events and said ya know what I could totally do that and do it better this weekend is your chance. It's the Mix 106 CropFit games.
Watch A Pig Chase Through A GoPro
One of my favorite things to do in the fall time is chase greased pigs at The Farmstead. Things we're a little different this year because I had a GoPro camera strapped to me.
Annual Pig Chase at the Farmstead
Mike & Kate were broadcasting live out from The Farmstead on Saturday. Kate McGwire had her annual greased pig chase and set a new personal record of 20 seconds!