Mike Kasper

27 Embarrassingly Easy Things That You Probably Can’t Do
At some point or another we all get to realize that we aren't as good at doing stuff as our parents  were.  It's not that they are better people, I just don't think that with everything we have going on, like TV, social media, being active etc. that we just didn't pay a…
If You’re Going Into Labor You Need These
A gynecologist in New York teamed up with a music service to create the perfect playlist for giving birth.  They're called "push playlists," and they've become pretty popular. Here are the top 15 songs for giving birth
Every State’s #1 Porn Search including Idaho
Pornhub.com just released their data on the most popular porn search in every state, and some of the states in these United States are pretty sick and a little creepy. Thankfully Idaho wasn't one of the states whose number one searched porn subjects was "stepsister"
Trouble Staying on Track? Zap Yourself Like a Taser.
It looks like one of those fitness trackers, but this bracelet can send taser-like shocks to your wrist if you overeat, spend too much time on social media, or hit snooze too many times.  In other words, self-torture can be programmed like clockwork.  Would you?
At least you'd be up br…

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