Mike Kasper

Boise is #6 Best State Capital in U.S.
I've lived in and visited quite a few cities in in the U.S., and for those who haven't traveled much, just know that Boise really is one of the most amazing places to live and work. I admit I do take it for granted, because I've been here for so long. But its always nice when we see m…
Mix Morning Show Interviews Aaron Paul
For the third time in his career, Aaron Paul brings one of his shows to Boise for a world premier.  This time it's his new movie Triple 9.  If case you missed it, Mike Kasper and JD interviewed Aaron this morning.
Truly Ridiculous Couple Fights
All couples fight. It's healthy as long as you fight fair and don't fight about really stupid stuff, but we all do it. What's the dumbest thing you've ever fought about with your significant other.  Bet they weren't as dumb as some of these:

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