Mike Kasper

Rednecks in Idaho: What’s the Redneckiest Thing You’ve Done?
Come on, admit it.  We've all done it at least once, or if you're like me, more than once.  I re-use Zip lock bags and tin foil.  Our Christmas decorations are still up.  I like to say that our family likes to celebrate the birth and death of our lord and savior, by having our Christmas and Easter d…
Farmer Boys Sing the Hits {Video}
They are at it again. These are the kids from Peterson Farms that have been making music videos of hit songs that they turned into hit farming songs on their farm for the past 4 or 5 years.
Boise is #6 Best State Capital in U.S.
I've lived in and visited quite a few cities in in the U.S., and for those who haven't traveled much, just know that Boise really is one of the most amazing places to live and work. I admit I do take it for granted, because I've been here for so long. But its always nice when we see m…
Mix Morning Show Interviews Aaron Paul
For the third time in his career, Aaron Paul brings one of his shows to Boise for a world premier.  This time it's his new movie Triple 9.  If case you missed it, Mike Kasper and JD interviewed Aaron this morning.

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