I Can’t Thank You Enough
I don't know when I'll be able to say Gunner's name on air without crying so I thought this was the next best option to thank you for what you did for me and for him. I hope you take a minute and read this.
R.I.P. Gunner McGwire
In my career, I personally have never had to deal with the passing of a member of a morning show that I have worked on.  That changed yesterday.  The day we were dreading finally happened when we lost a member of our show.  Kate's dog Gunner, whose stories many of you have follow…
Gunner Update
My dog, Gunner, had a rough Thanksgiving weekend and ended up at West Vet for emergency surgery on his throat. We got his 10 day check up yesterday and it sounds like we'll have a great Christmas!
Look Who Likes The Water Now!
Last week my dog Gunner rejected my efforts to cool him off in his kiddie pool. This week, I brought out the big guns and carted him off to the Payette River. He couldn't refuse me this time!
Read This And You Will Cry
If you love dogs like I do and especially if you have a black lab who is getting older, just know this will make you cry. BUT it is so heart warming that you have to read it.
Happy Birthday Gunner!
My chubby puppy, Gunner, is 12 years old today! I fully admit that I love him more than the average pet owner, but doing this for his birthday would be ridiculous! I am not that dog owner.
Unlocking My Holiday Spirit
Who knew that all I had to do was put a pair of reindeer antlers on my 100 pound black lab and that would be the key to unlocking my holiday spirit! Who knew?!