Am I the only one that doesn't really care for April Fool's Day?  I think I'm an easy target for you pranksters, and therefore I look forward to April 2nd every year.

In case you're looking to get your annoying co-workers back for the pranks they're pulling today, I thought I'd share a few easy April Fool's Day ideas.

Many of them involve smart phones.  You'll have to grab your prank victim's phone quickly and get the prank rigged up while they're not looking.

Here you go!

Parade Magazine shared some ideas that include changing the language on someone's phone from English to French or German.  Sprechen Sie Deutcsch?  Then you can watch with delight while the victim tries to figure out how to change it back to English. Who knows where all those settings are anyway!  It may take twenty minutes of fiddling.

Another cell phone idea is to put the wallpaper up that makes it look like the screen is shattered.  Ha ha, very funny.

This next idea IS funny, and even April Fool's Day poo-pooers like me will admit it.  Put a sign on the copy machine at the office that says, "This copier is now voice-activated" and see if the next person that tries to make copies talks to it.  Good one!

Syrup in the soap dispenser, yogurt in place of mayonnaise....

Good luck with that!  Feel free to share your best pranks with us too.