Some April Fool’s Day Pranks Are More Creative Than Others
For some really creative April Fool's Day joke ideas, all we have to do is watch an episode of The Office.  Remember the episode where Jim feeds Dwight an Altoid every time he hears the Windows login chime, to get him to try to salivate like Pavlov's dog?  Some pranks take more time than others to s…
Some are More Into April Fools Day Than Others
Do you love April Fools Day? Some people live for it and plan their attack all year long, and finally unleash the fun on April 1st.  Others of us just let it fly right by and barely notice it.
I did see today on Facebook that one parent played a pretty good trick on his son...
Is This Hilarious Or One Of The Meanest Pranks Ever?
This is what Halloween is all about.  Trick or treat!  With that being said, give me the treat because if someone tried to pull this prank on me, I'm not sure if I'd pee or poop myself or just kill the person who pulled the prank.  What about you?
Still Need April Fool’s Day Ideas? Here!
Am I the only one that doesn't really care for April Fool's Day?  I think I'm an easy target for you pranksters, and therefore I look forward to April 2nd every year.
In case you're looking to get your annoying co-workers back for the pranks they're pulling today, I thought I'd share a few easy April…