St. Patrick’s Day brings a lot of fun traditions and celebrations. It usually consists of parades, pub crawls, and a few too many pints of green beer. As a kid though, I remember the great importance of wearing green so I didn’t get pinched and dying our food and drink with green food coloring.

In my house, we started a few traditions with my oldest son, Jaden, that caught on rather early. Our favorite is the Leprechaun trap, which has become popular over the past few years. Much like the Easter Bunny, these magical creatures are hard to catch but always travel with sweet treats and treasures. It is said that the night before St. Patrick’s Day, the leprechauns frolic, dance, and sing throughout the world. If you make a leprechaun trap, the leprechauns must leave treasures behind. To make it a little more difficult, they hide the box and treasures for you to find. If you find them before St. Patrick’s Day is over, you get to keep the treasures for yourself. If you don’t, they magically disappear and the leprechauns take back what is theirs.

It’s such a fun craft to do with the kids and their creativity always surprises me. You can choose to leave behind anything you think your child might enjoy. Some of my favorite ideas are chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil, skittles, and lucky charms.  Have fun with it and whatever your family traditions are, I would love to see them! Check out some of my favorite ideas for St. Patrick's Day on Pinterest!