St Patrick's Day

5 St. Patrick’s Day Pickup Lines to Totally Avoid
This will be a fun and festive weekend full of parties, beads, and green beer, and it can only be ruined by one thing. Dumb pickup lines! Prepare yourself for these doozies, and don't use 'em if you want to have any chance of moving into someone else's personal space.
Mix Morning Show Confessionals
If you missed the Mix Morning Show this morning. Jeff and I got into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit today by playing a round of St. SHOTrick’s Day. Producer JD pureed random green foods for us to drink and try to guess what they were. We then chose randomly to make it f…
And the Most Popular Beer in Idaho Is…
Warning.  This may be offensive to some.  Although we've got some great craft breweries here, the favorite beer in Idaho is made somewhere else.  See if you agree.
With St. Patty's Day tomorrow, we're feeling the need to obsess a little bit over brews, so here we go.
Open Beer Bottle With Just a Piece of Paper
With St Patrick's Day approaching, this may happen to you, but now you won't be caught unprepared and can even impress your friends while having a cold one on St. Patrick's Day? I taught you how to open a bottle of wine with a shoe, now here's how to open a bottle of beer with a …

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