For Other People's Problems, parents can't agree if it's appropriate or not to kiss their kids on the mouth. Is this a big deal or a normal way to show love to your kids? Dad's reason is scientific. Mom's is based on emotion.

Other People's Problems

Mike & Kate-
My husband says we shouldn't be kissing our children on the mouth after they are 4 years old. We have 3 kids. 2 boys ages 2 and 5 and a daughter who is 4. My husband read some article by an American Psychologist who said that parents should not kiss their children on the lips after 4 because it is sexual. The article said that as a child gets to 4, 5 or 6, their sexual awareness comes out and kissing them on the lips is confusing. If mommy and daddy kiss on the mouth and that is romantic what does it mean when a little boy or girl kiss their parent on the mouth.
I told my husband that was ridiculous! They are innocent little kids. I came from a background where my parents kissed me on the mouth and I still do to the is day, both my mom and dad. My husband said his parents never kissed them on the mouth but would on the cheek. They hug, they just don't kiss a lot.
I told him if he doesn't want to kiss our kids on the lips anymore, that is fine, but I'm not going to stop. He is still not okay with that. He says mouth kissing after 4 should stop and we should only kiss on the cheek.
Who is right? Do parents stop kissing on the mouth at a certain age? If you do, do you need to tell your kids, "we no longer kiss on the mouth?" Wouldn't that confuse them more?

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