I was hoping to keep Boise a secret forever but I think the secret is out. We keep making top 10 lists and people are talking. There are certain things you should know about Boise though before you rent the U-Haul.

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I came across this article called, 21 Things You Need to Know About Boise Before You Move There. I was curious to see if the author, Kris Norton got it right. She is obviously not from here by a few of things she said in her article, but overall I agree with her on the things newbies should know about this amazing city I now call home (keep in mind, I have never read her work before, never met her and we are not Facebook friends).

Poor Norton took a huge beating on Facebook from the haters (who doesn't these days). But after re-reading her article to see what the FB haters were referring to, I chuckled. I think they were so busy hating they missed her sense of humor. I am guessing she is fully aware that the Knitting Factory doesn't sell yarn but was instead referring to the bike covered in yarn. I think she created the term Treasure City. Boise is the capital city in the Treasure Valley so why not call it the Treasure City? I kind of like it. And people get their panties in such a wade about the potato comments. Outside our state boarders, people think this is the land of potatoes. Believe me, I used to be one of them. Get over it already. I love the fact we dropped a potato on NYE! Can't wait to do it again. I think her comment about "The South End" is a play off the South End Zone since that is such a big part of Boise State Football. She did miss one thing on her list; the Boise Music Festival being the best and biggest outdoor festival in Idaho (I sent her a pair of tickets so she can see for herself)!

If you are moving here to Boise, I think overall she nailed it. In general these are 21 things that make up Boise and make it such a great place to live (Note: we don't call it the Great Connector, just The Connector)! Trees, BSU football, Morrison Center, winter fun and more! But once you get here, we ask you to keep the secret. Don't let anyone else know how fantastic we have it here. You are that last one we let in :) Welcome to Boise! And welcome to the Mix 106 Family!