Do people who have trouble gaining weight go through the same pain and hurt as those who struggle to lose weight? How do you handle the ridicule when you are too skinny? OPP December 31, 2013

Mike & Kate-

I have been exceptionally thin my entire life. I am a very tall woman (6'0) and very skinny. I have always struggled to put on weight. As a kid my mom always told me I would just grow into my body and fill out when I hit puberty. That didn't happen. I didn't get my period until my senior year because I was so thin. My doctor used to tell my mom that I was just one of those lucky girls that will never have to worry about my weight. But I do worry about it, just not in the way that everyone else does. I remember people asking my mom "what is wrong with her? Is she sick?" Kids at school used to call me string bean. I was teased all the time because I was so tall and lengthy. When I walk into the room I hear people whisper. I know people wonder if I have an eating disorder. I have co workers who watch me eat.

And let me tell you I can put it away! I love to eat. I try to gain weight. I want the curves! I want the figure! I want the boobs! When I was a teen my mom feed me those Ensure drinks to try and get some meat on my bones. It didn't help. People tell me all the time that I am so lucky that I don't have to worry about gaining weight and I guess seeing the way the world is today, yes I should be grateful I fit into an airplane seat. But I wish people could see it the other way. I get talked about when I take my coat off. People think I am starving myself. I hear the comments like, "geez, someone get that girl a cheeseburger." When I stand up for myself, people tell me I can't be upset about being teased for being skinny.

But I am. I am so self conscious. I don't want to put a swimsuit on anymore than the girl that weighs 300 lbs. I don't want to get naked with a guy for fear that he will be grossed out by my slender frame. I have the same insecurities that the heavy girls do, I am just dealing with a different number on the scale. There seems to be more understanding for heavy people in our society now. We are told not to judge because we don't know if it's genetic or if they have a thyroid problem or are having trouble losing the baby weight. I want to know how I make people more understanding of us extremely thin people who too have a predisposed condition or genetics or an over active thyroid or a metabolism as fast as the speed of light. I am tired of defending myself and telling people I don't have an eating disorder. Please give me some great comeback or at least bring this to people's attention so they are more compassionate to all sizes, not just the heavy ones.

Thank You,

Gina in Meridian

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