Today's issue for Other People's Problems involves a woman who met a man online. He left his kids with a family member so he could fly to Idaho and see our listener. And that's where the issue begins.

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January 14, 2014

Mike & Kate-

A couple of days after Christmas, I went out with this wonderful guy for
the first time. When I told my mom, she wasn't so impressed.

You see, we met on and although he lives in New York; he

caught a flight to come and see me here in Idaho. He's divorced, has a decent

job and is a perfect gentleman. But my mom's opinion of him went downhill

when she learned that he dropped his 2 kids off at his mothers, late

Christmas day, so he could fly out and see me. The few days after Christmas were the only time we both had off work. My mom says he is lacking character for leaving his children on a holiday to fly off and spend time with a woman he doesn't even know. I was flattered that he would go to so much trouble to see me. We have been talking for 3 months online and this was the first time our schedules matched. My mom says a single father shouldn't be giving up his visitation to be going on dates, especially on Christmas. My families opinion is very important to me. I really connected with this man. But now that my mom already hates him, even though she has never met him, it seems like it will be a struggle to date him. She listens to your show too so I am hoping to get some input on who is right.


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