A women ended her engagement after she caught her fiance doing something with other women. She later found out one of those women was her sister. Read all the details here.


Mike & Kate-
I was engaged to a man for the last year and a half. We were together for 2 and half years total. I'm 33 and he is 41. Our wedding was planned for December. We broke up in May when I found out he was sexting other women. One of those women he was sexting was my sister who is married and has a son of her own. When I confronted her, all she said was, "Oh...sorry. I never meant to hurt you" and that was the end of it. The rest of the mess I had to deal with. My family does not know why my engagement ended. I honestly don't feel that my sister is sorry at all. I HAVE to still talk to her BUT it is very superficial conversation and nothing about what is going on in my life. I refuse to tell her anything about me.  However,  If I stop talking to her she will never let me speak to my only nephew again so I am sacrificing my feelings so I can talk to my nephew because this isn't his fault.  My ex still wants to be friends and wants to mend our relationship and start over. I struggle everyday with forgiving my sister. And like I said it doesn't make it easier that she has no remorse for tearing my world apart. I'm so angry with her. My questions for OPP are, should I forgive my sister? What does that look like?  And should I keep the door open with my ex and be friends? I'm torn because I still love him, I mean after all I had committed to spending the rest of my life with this person.  But I think deep down I know it's a bad idea.


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