Dear Mike and Nicole:
I have a major problem with my boss, who is the GM of the company I work for.
I am so afraid to go to my HR to report him, which I have done in the past and it's backfired. We are a large company but we run the little sister company and there are 3 of us in the office. He, I and another salesman. It would be obvious who is complaining. I have it pretty good here but I don't take advantage. I play by the rules. We are all very close and its super fun and laid back in our building. The problem is he is, the owners nephew. Our HR is pretty close to the family. I can go to he HR assistant but I am pretty sure the conversation would be "Sarah said this...."
My boss is taking advantage of his position, not his name. He gets bent out of shape if you call him anything but the general manager. He is late to work DAILY about an hour and goes home DAILY 1-1.5 hours before we close. His reasons: have to mow before it rains. I need to plant this before it rains. I have errands to run. My wife is sick. I have to pick up kids from school, drive them to school. Mind you wife is a stay at home mom. I was out of town but got home at 2pm. The next day; I am going home to relax. Personal appointments in the middle of the day. You know, the dentist and blood pressure meds check up isn't a big deal. It's the haircuts and back waxing's. The constant anger he dishes out because our 3rd co-worker has personal problems with his teenager where cops are involved. Then threats to fire him because he needs to be at work.
I can list about 100 more. We need our manger here. On time and here all day with us. I am not a manager of any kind. We have the same constant issues and his famous saying is "the next time it happens" I'll deal with it.
So, my big question. How the heck do I approach HR and remain completely 100% anonymous? I can bring up the issues but recently they have been addressed (because I blew a gasket) and everything has been pretty good lately. If I bring up his late and leaving early I am pretty sure I'll be under the microscope and although I have nothing to hide it would be stressful. The fun atmosphere would turn ugly. I have been here almost 10 years and I refuse to give that up over this guy and his lack of responsibility. I hope to hear from people who have worked in HR.
Thanks for your help!