For Other People's Problems, a man is worried because his wife wants to invite another man to live in their home. She says it's not about love. She claims it's the only way to make their situation work.


Ike & Kate---
Hey guys. Love the show. I moved here over the summer and found you guys. And now I'm in need of advice. Like I said I moved here from out of state this summer. I had to leave my wife and 3 kids behind while I got settled here. I thought I would just be here for the summer and then was offered an amazing promotion and couldn't pass it up. The kids were already registered for school so we decided that my wife would stay there and I would be here through this school year. She is going to put our house up for sale in the spring. In the meantime I rented a house so that when the family comes there is enough room for everyone. Now we have a mortgage and a rental payment each month. My promotion was good but not that good. My wife works part time and we use that money for groceries and things. We can't afford to have her not working but we can't afford daycare for the kids so she can only work part time.
The other night she called me and said that she had an idea on how to supplement the income while we're apart. Apparently there is a guy at her work who is in need of a room to rent. I've met the guy a few times and he seems nice enough. He's in his early 30s and never married, no kids. My wife thinks we should rent the basement out to him. She said he also offered to help with the yard work and anything needed around the house.
I will admit these last two months with two home payments has been rough. The money would help through Christmas. But I'm not sure I should invite a single man into my home with my family. My wife says he is like a brother to her. She was offended that I thought anything other than platonic would be going on. She also told me he has a girlfriend and will be spending most of the time with her. And she reminded me it was only temporary.
My wife and I had talked about getting a roommate. This sounds much safer than a stranger off Craigslist but I'm worried I could be kicking myself later for inviting this guy into my home.
I would love to hear from your other listeners. Especially men. Would you allow another man to move in with your family?

Appreciate your input on this.
A new listener