When you think of the state with the worst drivers in the US, what state comes to mind? I immediately think of New York and California, and I lived in Texas for many years and they're not great either.

But it turns out, Idaho is number one!  Why?  What did we do?

It turns out, we are the worst when it comes to talking on the phone while driving, and also tailgating.  If they meant serving up tasty grilled foods and frosty beverages before the Boise State games, then YES, we would agree!  But unfortunately, the MSN Autos survey accuses us of following too closely and trying to almost nudge slow drivers into going faster.  Do you agree that Idaho is a bad tailgating state?  It's those other drivers on the road that are the offenders, I know.  Not you and me.

Drivers from Arizona are the ones that voted the most strongly for Idaho's bad driving habits, according to the survey.  Idaho drivers are "most hated" by Arizona drivers for whatever reason.  In most other cases it's the neighboring states that get on each other's nerves.  (Like Montana drivers hate Wyoming drivers, and New York drivers hate New Jersey drivers.)  But in our case, driver's from the Southwest came along way to not like us.  Okay Arizona tourists, next time we see your license plates we'll stay far, far away from you.  I noticed that Idaho didn't come up at all when it comes to "hating" any particular state.  Maybe that makes us nice drivers after all.  High road.

The problem in Idaho is the slow drivers, according to the article, and since there are allegedly so many of them here, the faster drivers get a bad rap for speeding up and trying to get around them.  Something to watch for on the way home today.  Drive safely and turn up the radio!  It helps.