Summer crushes make summer so much more fun! Here's 5 simple ways for you to stop being single this summer.


Summer crushes are the best! Someone to make out with under the stars, cuddle up next to by the campfire, rock out with at the Boise Music Festival...all fun things to do with your crush! Now where to find him? I will totally admit, online dating overwhelms me. I feel like there are so many outlets to connect with these days, that we're missing the good connections. So when I saw this article on I had to share ways to get a summer crush that don't involve being online.

Singles Events. You need to get out and be seen by other single people. We are limited in the amount of structured singles events here in the Treasure Valley but do a quick Google search to find Meet Up groups, even speed dating. Go to at least 2 a month. Once you're there, smile. Look men in the eye. Smile. Did I mention smile?

Dating Coaches. We might not have them physically here in the Treasure Valley but a phone call or Facetime could have you dating before the summer solstice! Dating coaches can give you tips on what you might be doing wrong and what you may want to do going forward. Luckily, some of the best dating coaches provide lots of free advice through blogs, podcasts, webinars and some offer a free introductory call. One of my favorite blogs to follow is Christian Carter. Love the guy's perspective!

Your Personal Network. All my friends know that I'm willing to be set up. The same principal as looking for a new job. You never know who knows a great single guy. He might work with your friend's husband. Let people know you are available. Click here to see what the author of this article did. It's so bold!

Throw Your Own Singles Party. This idea is simple and so much fun. Plan a simple, fun gathering (over Happy Hour at a local hot spot) and invite ALL of the great single people in your world. Make it a requirement that each person bring a member of the opposite sex, so that each person truly contributes toward creating a fun meeting for everyone at the party.

Matchmakers. My friend just asked me about one of these the other day. Yes, we have them in the Treasure Valley. Just do a Google search. Some are national companies like It's Just Lunch but they have a local reach. Let them do the work! I look at emails all day at work. The last thing I want to do when I get home is sift through emails. No thanks!

I hope your summer is filled with lots of kisses from your summer crush!