A woman's husband kicked their son out immediately after he graduated from high school. The mother feels he was unfairly kicked out. How can she convince her husband to change his mind?

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Mike & Kate-
Our oldest child just graduated from high school this month. I'm so proud of him. He has always been a good kid and stayed out trouble. He wasn't a stand out student but he always tried and that's all I ever wanted. He is going to Lewis and Clark college in the fall on grants and students loans. This summer he got a job at one of the movie theaters and is planning on saving all the money he makes to help with expenses at school.
The week before his graduation my husband started making comments about when he would be moving out. I thought he was just teasing him but apparently he wasn't. He feels that now that he his 18 and no longer in high school he needs to move out immediately. "That is how it was when he grew up and that is how it should be for our son." I told him he was being ridiculous. Our son leaves for college in August so there is no need for him to go get an apartment. Plus he won't be able to get a lease for only a couple months. My husband said then he will need to pay rent at our house. He looked up the average rent of places on Craigslist and said, he can stay but must pay us $1000 in June and July and $500 in August since he's leaving early.
I'm outraged by this. My son was so broken hearted and hurt that he has been camping out at his best friend's house for the last week. He says he doesn't feel welcome in his own home. I'm embarrassed to think what his friend's parents think.
I've tried talking to my husband but he won't budge. He says our son needs to learn how to be an adult. And since he is no longer in high school, he needs to act like an adult. Our son will have no money for school if he has to pay us $2500 over the summer.
Has anyone else gone through this? All I want is for my son to be able to live at our home when he is not in school. Summers, vacations..etc. If he isn't in school then I agree with my husband.
Is there anything I can say to my husband to get him to understand?

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