I'm a firm believer in getting "me time" or vacation time. Especially in the summer time. And since I can only afford to actually vacation once a year, I would like to let you know about some of my favorite summer pastimes.

Getty Images - Mario Tam

For me "me time" isn't just being pampered. It's also about getting out & having fun. So first on my list for favorite summer pastime is an obvious one. Floating the Boise River, which I thought was perfect since this is the first weekend the river is open! It's free if you have your own tube or raft, and depending on the people you go with. Can either be a relaxing day on the river soaking up the sun or an epic adventure with friends never knowing where it will lead.

Next on my list is playing volleyball at The Beerhouse. They have two full sandpit volleyball courts & beer! If you've never played it's a great place to start. Just go play a pickup game of volleyball after work & get a pitcher of beer. And if you don't want to play volleyball you can play horseshoes. Definitely a hidden treasure.

This next one is an annual for Kate & I, bike ride out to Ben's Crow Inn. It's about twelve miles from the MIX 106 studios & a perfect summer evening ride. Ride out there at dusk have a beer or two, some clams & few laughs then head back. If you do ride at dusk remember to have lights, there are no lights on the green belt in some sections.

The last one going to Lucky Peak with friends & my dog. My dog loves the water so I can barely contain him on the ride up but it's always entertaining watching him play in the water. I don't have a boat so I will just find a good spot on the shore, bring some snack & tubes. Then hanging out on the water all day.