It's been a good week for the movie 'Frozen.'  Two Oscars on Sunday night, and it's now crossed $1 billion mark and will probably continue to rake it in thanks to the Oscar buzz.

Did I tell you how my 4-year old daughter ruined the movie for me?  Um yeah.... it was GREAT up until this point.It's always a risk taking young kids to the movies because you never know if they're going to sit still for the whole thing.  But I got brave and took my two oldest daughters (they're 4 and 5) to see Frozen a few weeks ago. For the most part they did great.  It's amazing what a huge tub of popcorn can do, especially when you encourage them to eat one kernel at a time.  That can last for an eternity, and they're glued to the movie the whole time.  Perfect.

(Everyone has seen it right?  I don't think I'm spoiling anything.  :-)  I'll leave out some details.)

With popcorn comes beverages, and my 4-year old had to go to the bathroom during the last quarter of the movie when things got tense, and we didn't know if Anna would turn to ice or not, and whether the curse would be lifted, and whether Anna and Elsa would live happily ever after.

When 4-year olds have to go, they HAVE TO GO.  When we left there was a rush to save Anna, and when we came back from the bathroom, all was well and people were clapping and now we will have to get the DVD so we'll be able to pause it when bathroom needs arise and figure out what in the heck happened.

Maybe this is why the movie has made a billion dollars; because it's a a great movie for young kids that have to go potty a lot, and then the parents have to take them back to see it again to catch the details.  Hmm!  Great story though, and inspirational for sisters especially.

The film is still in theaters and will come out on DVD March 18. See the trailer here: