Eagle Fire Department Rescues Horse from Frozen Pool
Eagle Firefighters along with @AdaCoSheriff and neighbors rescue lucky the horse from a pool.
— Eagle Fire Dept (@Eaglefire_Dept) February 12, 2017
A five-year-old gelding was rescued from an icy pool in an Eagle neighborhood over the weekend...
PF Changs Frozen Food Recall
Check your freezer!
ConAgra Foods is recalling nearly 200,000 pounds of frozen chicken and beef dinners because they may be contaminated with traces of metal in the sauce.
The dinners were produced between May 31 and June 22.
To see a full list of contaminated products, click HERE...
Now This Is The Real Frozen
What do you do when you stumble across a crystal-clear lake, in which you could see clear to the bottom, plus on top of being crystal clear, it’s also completely frozen?
Awesome Snow Day School Message
I love how school administrators have come up with some pretty creative ways to make school announcements, like this one for a school that was closed for the recent blizzard on the East Coast.
I Jumped On The Bandwagon!
Before we go any further, let me clear up any misconception. Hell has not frozen over. I did not jump on the BSU bandwagon. I did though jump on the Frozen bandwagon!

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