So moms, how in the heck do you do it all?

If you're like me your day involves a wild frenzy of finding shoes, brushing hair, wiping syrup off faces, packing snacks, breaking up fights, reading books, finding the time to squeeze in a shower for yourself, and oh yeah...working!  And then we have to find time for relationships and grocery shopping and laundry and getting our eyebrows waxed.  When people ask us how we do it all, our best answer is, "I don't know!"  Somehow it's all set in motion and it just happens and we are along for the ride, doing our best to steer the ship.

Here's some advice that I ran across on simplifying your life as a mom, and also why I think it won't work!

A Yahoo article says we should do 7 things to simplify our lives and make everything work like a well-oiled machine.  Each one of them is something I strive for, but fail at almost daily.

Create a schedule. So you spend more time cuddling.

Have places for everything. So you never waste time looking.

Get ready the night before.

Make a system.

Find the best time-savers (like websites that send quick shipments for necessities)

Get rid of the clutter!

Take time to smell the roses.

It's all great advice and seems like it would work perfectly, but then the kids wake up!  And from then on things that should be sitting right where you left them are no longer there, you've got spilled Cheerios to clean up and Legos to step on, and any kind of well-intended planning goes out the window.  Oops, did I poo-poo these great ideas? They are great!  And I will try harder to implement them.  Right after I repair the broken Scentsy warmer that crashed to the floor after the 6-year old ran into it while she was dancing through the kitchen with a yardstick that she was pretending was a baton.

Have a great weekend!