The Boise River is rising today. The water flow is set to increase thanks to the winter run off. Take these precautions to stay safe.


The Bureau of Reclamation is letting more water into the Boise River from Lucky Peak Dam today.

According to the Idaho Statesman, The Boise River flows will increase from 650 cubic feet per second (cfs) to 1,350 cfs this week. Flows will remain at this higher level through mid-July and then return to normal mid-summer irrigation levels of about 700 cfs.

One of my most favorite things to do in Boise is float the river in the summer. The water can be a ton of fun especially in an inner tube but keep in mind with more water, means it's more important then ever to be safe.
-Don't attempt to float the Boise River until Barber Park is open. There is a reason for this. Officials open the river for floating once they feel enough debree has been cleared and they feel it's safe.
-Don't float past marked take-outs. There is a reason for these. Diversion dams are dangerous.
-Don't ever try and walk across the river or stand up in the river. Foot entrapment can be deadly.
-Be careful with your pets in the water. Don't try and get them to swim across the river.
-Make sure all children have a life vest on when playing near the river. It's recommended that all adults wear a life vest when on the river.
-Limit your alcohol consumption when on the water. Stay alert
-Wear appropriate shoes and swimwear. If you do end up in the water, you don't want anything on that can weigh you down.
-Don't swim alone or at night in the river.

Enjoy your summer on the river!