Dear Mike and Nicole,

My fiancé and I been together for around 2 years. He lives and works out of Boise so he doesn’t visit me only on the weekend. He sold his house and plan to move to Boise so he is renting an apartment (no dogs) for the last year. Since I have my own house here, I let the dogs (big 9 year old dogs) live here until he moves to Boise. It’s been a year and he can’t find a job in Boise, so I have to deals with the dogs everyday.
These dogs don’t listen to me. They pooped on neighbors yard, they ran away many times, caused me to be late too work many times. They literally make my closet and my workout room as their waste room. There are other places to go on the carpet, but they intentionally do that. I think they hate me. This whole year I tried my best, my fiancé tried his best too. He bought shock collars, fenced the backyard, make dog’s door, he does everything he could to make me happy. He offered me one time to give the dogs away to his ex but he broke down and he was so heartbroken he has to give them away so I couldn’t handle to see him break down like that again. But I am now just beyond upset because a couple of my neighbors yelled and talked to me that these dogs are just trouble. Also, one of them peed again (3 spots) in my closet simply because my daughter left my bedroom door open for few minutes. It infuriates me and I regret that I didn’t say yes when he wanted to give them away. 
What should I do? Should I ask him to re-home them? I hate to see him so sad because he loves them so much. Help, I am tired trying to be nice but they still piss me off. They make me inhumane because I never thought I would hate dogs like this. What should I do????? 
dog hater