I've lived in Idaho for most of my life, and when I saw this article from only in your state about the 14 terrifying things in Idaho that can and just might kill you I was skeptical. That is until I read the article and color me a believer.


Cattle, avalanches, Brown Recluse spiders and riding in the back of pick up trucks are all things I've seen or done here in Idaho. My grandfather on my father's side was killed by cattle.  He was charged and trampled by a bull and died a short time later.   have been charged, head butted and kicked by cattle, so I know just how dangerous these murderers can truly be


Wild rage filled geese, poisonous weeds and really bad decisions. I get it, but come on bacon? Yep it's on the list. Now I'm back to skeptical, how can a super food like bacon kill you?


To check out the entire list of 14 terrifyingly dangerous things that can kill you click on the link below to read the entire article