Zoo Boise's latest addition is a baby anteater.

The baby was born in January and with Spring Break quickly approaching and the weather warming up, zoo officials are getting Gloria (the momma anteater) and her new baby ready for their public debut!

The debut will take place Saturday, March 16th at 3:00pm.

The debut will include a special exhibit near the carousel and a gender reveal party for the baby anteater. This is not the first time that Zoo Boise has thrown a gender reveal party either. Three years ago to announce the gender of a new penguin chick, zoo officials had the momma penguin play with colored objects to "reveal" the gender of her baby.

Something similar is planned for the party on Saturday as well. Zoo Boise staff are considering using the anteater's favorite food as a prop for the reveal. Zoo Boise Assistant Director Liz Littman has said that colored yogurt may be involved. Littman will also be on hand to answer any and all questions regarding the newborn anteater.

Now I guess gender reveal parties aren't just for humans anymore and it look like anteaters and penguins want to be a part of all the fun! Personally, I have never been to a gender reveal party, but I might have to break the streak and check out this party. So let's all meet up at the zoo and help welcome it's newest addition!!

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