If you've ever roamed Downtown Boise, you've undoubtedly made your way through Freak Alley, an oasis of vibrant colors and brilliant brush strokes splashed across a series of walls. Each painting so different from the next. The artistry is magnificent, and although the message behind every painting might not be clear, it's fun to come up with your own interpretations. Art is subjective, after all. But have you ever considered being one of those artists whose work brings flair to Boise?

Boise's very own Ashley Dreyfus has artwork in the iconic alley.

freak alley


She went on to win Pabst Blue Ribbon's 9th Annual Art Contest earlier in February with artwork similar to that displayed in Downtown Boise.

So what do you have to do to have your artwork grace the walls of the beloved Boise attraction? It's actually surprisingly simple to get the process started. If you head to to freakalleyboise.com and click on the "Opportunities" tab you will literally be asked if you want to become a gallery artist. Then fill out a simple contact form and wait for a response. Probably important to have artwork at the ready to pitch your vision.

While you wait for a response you can donate to Freak Alley Gallery. It is a non-profit that relies on fundraising and donations to keep Freak Alley the magical place it is. Click here to donate. Who knows, it might increase your chances of getting your art seen. That's speculative, of course. Even if it doesn't, still nice to support a local institution.

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