Be careful what you wish for!

A woman's dream of having full, bushy brows came true after she underwent an eyebrow transplant — but she says she now has to trim them once a month because they won't stop growing.

According to The Mirror, as a teenager, 36-year-old Isabelle Kutxi over-plucked her eyebrows regularly to keep up with the "skinny brow look" that was trendy in the '90s.

Unfortunately, the years of constant plucking and shaping damaged her eyebrow hair follicles, which eventually stopped growing altogether.

Isabelle was desperate to regain her "thick and fluffy" brows, as well as her self-confidence, so she decided to undergo eyebrow transplant surgery

Surgeons replaced Isabelle's sparse brow follicles with hair follicles taken from the back of her head. The procedure left her with unbelievable results.

"When I looked in the mirror and saw my new eyebrows for the first time, I cried," Isabelle shared. "I was so emotional because I'd waited for them for so long."

The Mirror reports Isabelle's pain-free procedure came with a price tag of about $1,783.

It was money well spent according to Isabelle, but after years of feeling forced to pencil in her brows, her new brows came with just one drawback.

"The fun fact is that the hair is still growing like real [head] hair. They don't stop growing like eyebrows. They can grow really long if you don't cut them," Isabelle revealed.

"Every month, I go to have my eyebrows cut like hair by a friend because I don't want to do something bad," she added.

Despite her new brow maintenance routine, Isabelle couldn't be happier with the way the procedure turned out.

She shared she no longer hides from photographers and that the transplant "changed her life" for the better.

Isabelle isn't the only person who has had a similar experience after undergoing eyebrow transplant surgery.

Haley Sellers on TikTok says her damaged brows were also due to over-plucking.

Since undergoing a brow transplant in 2018, her long eyebrows continue to grow.

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