We've been hearing and for most of us experiencing the toilet paper shortage that's become status-quo here in the Treasure Valley and across the country, but has it changed you? 

It has me.

I noticed today that both times I used toilet paper, once simply to blow my nose, and the other for traditional purposes, I made a mental note to value what I was doing, and use the least amount possible to still get the job done.

This shortage is having an impact on how I use it.

That's ridiculous.  I either wasn't being smart to begin with or I'm paranoid and letting the idea of the scarcity affect me, but I realize how silly it is that anything would have changed in any way.

In researching this blog, I even researched what the "average amount per use" was (spoiler: it varies greatly and there aren't real accurate numbers) and started to question if I was a "normal user."

Look, we wipe with this stuff.  It's not gold.  I have plenty (9 roles in one bathroom, 12 in the other) so I don't anticipate running out.  I also don't think I use it too liberally or waste it in general, but it did hit me that this might be the moment to invest in kleenex instead of using TP for nose work.

It's odd, this whole Coronavirus thing is very surreal, and while much is serious, the fact that I found myself pondering my use of TP while taking care of business today was a welcome break from the intensity.

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