I was just watching Back to the Future with my son trying to explain what it was about. That when I felt myself heading into dad mode to my 6-year-old. How do I explain that you couldn't do any of that in 2015 like Marty McFly? 2023 is a different story.

We've been talking about the big Mars mission with Idaho radioactive generator that powered Rover Perseverance. I just came across another mission that involves 8 lucky people. Want to fly around the moon and back?

The billionaire fashion tycoon Yusaku Maezawa just purchased eight seats on the next flight around the moon. It's kind of like purchasing eight seats on Alaska Airlines with the exception it's Elon Musk's SpaceX special flight in 2023.

Disclaimer: There is no disclaimer. This is actually happening and it's a real possibility for you to win one of the eight seats.

It's like winning a trip with all expenses paid with the theme, "dearMoon".

Do you remember all the artists that were dropping $1 Million Dollars to take the first flight to space? Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and a list of others that bought tickets back in 2013.

Maezawa originally announced he'd invite some artists to join him for the ride around the Moon. That changed as he said everyone is a creative artist in their own way. The real question is what can you bring to space in 2023. You will be one of a limited few to take a flight around the Moon. That means you might want your social media to be on point. Take all that bad decision posts off your page when you apply!

All joking aside can you represent Idaho? What are you doing that people will be talking about months leading up to the big show. Maybe you should nominate someone because that makes a great story.

You just have a few weeks to register with a deadline of March 14, 2021. Good luck and here's to infinite and beyond! (I had to say that)


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