The 100 deadliest days of Idaho started over the holiday weekend as Idahoans got their first real chance to travel. This is the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day that traveling takes off and it's especially dangerous this Summer considering we just haven't been leaving our homes for the last year.

Idahoans are about to go nuts as masks come off and the pandemic continues to decline. The statistic not added to this 100 deadliest days on Idaho roads is 30. That's the number of minutes it takes for your car to heat up in the Summer.

This is a deadly reminder that your pets and children left in a hot car are like sitting in a microwave. You're more likely to see pets in the car while you run into Winco for a few things. However, it's 85 degrees in Boise right now and puts the heat in your vehicle at 119 degrees. That's 119 degrees with zero flow of cool air. If your car is even at 70 degrees that's still deadly. Add 34 degrees inside your car which puts that at 104 degrees.

Is it legal to leave a dog in the car? Idaho's animal cruelty (animal care) law in section 25-3504 gives authorities the right to cite the owner of the vehicle if you leave your dog in a car during dangerous situations. If it's hot outside you could be looking at a misdemeanor.

If you witness a pet left alone in a hot car it now becomes your responsibility to contact the owner. Authorities ask you to contact animal control 

This chart is eye-opening.

  • Outside Temp. 70 degrees = 89 degrees (10 minutes) 104 degrees (30 minutes)
  • Outside Temp. 75 degrees = 94 degrees (10 minutes) 109 degrees (30 minutes)
  • Outside Temp. 80 degrees = 99 degrees (10 minutes) 114 degrees (30 minutes)
  • Outside Temp. 85 degrees = 104 degrees (10 minutes) 119 degrees (30 minutes)
  • Outside Temp. 90 degrees = 109 degrees (10 minutes) 124 degrees (30 minutes)
  • Outside Temp. 95 degrees = 114 degrees (10 minutes) 129 degrees (30 minutes)

It's good to note temperatures will hover 100 degrees from now till Friday. Pets have a thick coat of hair and it doesn't cool off. Your pet begins to pant with no water or cool air. It happens so quickly and this is a good reminder to be safe.

The sun doesn't give your children a break either. You leave those kids in a car seat and it won't take long for a deadly situation to occur. Just a reminder.

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To prepare yourself for a potential incident, always keep your vet's phone number handy, along with an after-hours clinic you can call in an emergency. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center also has a hotline you can call at (888) 426-4435 for advice.

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