Earlier this year, I had an insightful conversation with a California transplant. His family moved to Meridian from Orange County just over two years ago in hopes of a more full, fun, and family-friendly lifestyle.

Because they could sell their home in California, they purchased their Treasure Valley home in cash and took a year off from work. He expressed to me the frustration that he and his wife had with Boise. It wasn't the politics, how everything closes early, or how they sometimes feel excluded by their neighbors, but something about our traffic- Specifically how we drive.

People who have moved here from other places secretly talk behind our backs about our driving. Of course, we typically don't love the way these former Californians drive either, and he pointed out six specific things that we Boise drivers do that drive them crazy.

If you are among those that want the Treasure Valley to stay small, keep it up! If you are a recent addition to our city, you may want to adapt to our law-abiding ways to fit in a little faster.

6 Things Boise Drivers Do That Drive California Transplants Crazy

Gallery Credit: Marco

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