After a winter that just wouldn't quit, summer 2023 is finally here. The birds are chirping. The sun is shining. And the dandelions are in full bloom! No, that's not a misprint. From cracks in the sidewalk, to gravel roads, potholes, and public parks, Boise's dandelion count is on the rise. Have you wondered why? We did. As it turned out, Boise Parks & Rec had the answer.

Planning for a Pesticide-Free Boise

Three years ago, BPD kicked off a three-year trial program to cut back on the use of pesticides on city-owned property. The pilot program also included studying and experimenting with alternative land management techniques.

Now in its third and final year of the pilot phase, most Boise parks are using dandelions to minimize pesticide applications. CBS2 Boise reports "the program has been successful in reducing herbicide applications on broadleaf plants, increasing mowing height, and protecting native pollinator species." Thanks to BPD's vision, Boise is becoming a pollinator-friendly city.

Visit Boise 8 Pollinator Gardens

As part of the push to protect and promote local informal pollinators, BPD has developed eight formal pollinator gardens. According to the City of Boise website, the conservation initiative is intended to bolster the city's Integrated Pest Management Program.

Join Boise's Pollinator Posse

Looking to do your part? The City of Boise is recruiting a pollinator posse!

Through regularly scheduled work days, participants will help plant new pollinator plants as needed, add mulch to planting beds, remove weeds and monitor for pollinator use.

Sign up to posse-up here!

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