Some people enjoy breakfast food, I absolutely love it. Whether we are talking bacon and eggs, chicken fried steak, or delicious pancakes it always sounds good to me. And when you think about it we are lucky to have lots of tremendous restaurants here in the Treasure Valley.

While I admit it's easy to make a stack of delicious pancakes, it can also be difficult to make your stack of cakes stand out from the other restaurants. Before this past weekend I would probably say The Egg Factory's lemon poppy-seed pancakes were my favorite, with the lemon syrup (of course).

But that was before I got to try the pancake sampler at Moe Joe's in Meridian. You could try three different options of pancakes from their menu and all were amazing. I had tried the jalapeno berry cake, so I knew that one was delicious. I wanted to try the Moe Joe version of the lemon pancakes which were fantastic. But my favorite and the one I didn't expect to like as much as I did was the "donut hole" pancakes.

It's difficult to explain just how tasty these pancakes were. They were sweet but not too sweet. They were light and fluffy cakes served up perfectly. It was a great way to start the day and something I am certain to order again.

So, where is your favorite spot in the Treasure Valley for a tall stack of delicious pancakes?

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