Mental Floss created an entertaining YouTube video titled, "The Coolest Offbeat Attraction in Each U.S. State" with the description, "Offbeat attractions in the United States include strange roadside attractions and wonderfully weird museums. The List Show is a trivia-tastic, fact-filled show for curious people. "

We certainly have some interesting places to visit here in Idaho. As I settled in to watch the video, I thought for sure they would have picked one of the gem states silliest claims to fame and draw... The manhole cover marking the center of the universe in Wallace. If you have never heard the story behind that one, click here to read later, it is goofy and interesting. Story Behind Idaho's Biggest Tourist Trap (

However Mental Floss did not pick the manhole cover, or the craters of the moon or the potato hotel or even the dog hotel. You can see photos of those by scrolling down in a bit, but first, oh no, the potato and dog hotels are mentioned but not Idaho's strangest attraction. Have you guessed it yet?

To spare you sitting thru the other states, Idaho starts about 6 minutes in, 6:12 to be exact.

Yup... The museum of clean won for Idaho, have you ever heard of or been to this place? Check out more about it below followed by photos from Idaho's famous potato hotel and beagle hotel. Located in Pocatello the Museum of Clean's mission is to "sell the idea and value of clean into the minds of all who visit." Clearly there is a lot to see including the world's first vacuum cleaner built in 1860. The museum is HUGE with 74,000 square feet of cleanliness.

Learn more about it here and scroll to see more Idaho oddities. 

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