4th of July is right around the corner! There are some fireworks though that are illegal in the state of Idaho.

The terms "Safe and Sane" are thrown around a lot when talking about fireworks.

According to BLM.gov: Other fireworks, like aerial ones, are illegal to shoot off in Idaho. Aerial fireworks present a huge risk for causing wildfires. While these kinds of fireworks may be purchased legally, Idaho law makes their use illegal. ( this part is key!).

Illegal-use fireworks include bottle rockets, skyrockets, roman candles, firecrackers, missiles, parachutes, sky flyers, display shells and aerial items.

There are so many fun and safe ways to enjoy the 4thof July, like letting the professionals handle it and watching their show. So remember just cause you can buy some of the illegal fireworks listed it is illegal to light them off in Idaho.

Please be safe this 4th of July but enjoy your freedoms and this great country!

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