We promise to mind our French, but you'll have to pardon our rant if you choose to read beyond this sentence. Well, hello! You stayed! We imagine you're here for one of two reasons: you identified with the title or you despised it off the bat. Whatever your reasons are, we appreciate you giving us the floor.

Now let's get to the point! We're done trying to prove our love for Idaho. That's right, we said what we said, and we said it with our chest. If you're among the fortunate ones who were born here, it's unlikely you'll ever ascertain the amount of effort and energy it takes for a transplant to grow roots here. From the moment we set foot into this beautiful state we elected to call home, we're met with ridicule, spite, and suspicion.

It doesn't matter that we lead with a "Keep Idaho, Idaho" mentality. Did we help a wonderful Meridian Walmart greeter get through a nasty divorce over a year's worth of grocery trips? Yes. Does it matter to our haters? No. No matter how much we embed ourselves in Treasure Valley communities and events, it seems there's always someone at the ready to pull a punch or put us in our "respective" transplant places. Never mind all the ways we involve ourselves in meaningful Idaho causes. Forget about the significant impact we have in local charities, commerce, and politics. We could show up to Miss Taterhater's door with a bounty of Idaho-inspired and locally source food, and Idahome-girl would still find a way to "out" our otherness.

Are we bitter? Contrary to the curt nature of what you've read this far, no. We're just done. And after all, those who shout the loudest tend to be the ones with the least amount bonafides. Because we favor taking the high road over grasping at low hanging fruit, we're letting our actions speak for themselves. Sooner or later, the ones with the right idea about us and our Idaho intentions will spread the word. Until then, we're done.

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