The Idaho Foodbank has teamed up with the Western Idaho Community Action Partnership to bring some relief to families in need in Weiser. Their only grocery store’s roof collapsed which means residents would have to travel further just to grab necessities. Not only that, for some, it’s hard to even just get out of their house or driveway.

Around 100 volunteers unloaded and unpacked food to box up for the families in need.

The Foodbank said they took 23,000 pounds of food to Weiser yesterday with the goal of distributing it to about 375 families.

Not only that, the Ridley’s store in Middleton will provide free deliveries to Weiser residents until that location can get back up and running.

To place an order, click here. Customers can also call the store at (208) 585-3043. The only requirement is a $30 minimum purchase.

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