September 26th is a day that is undervalued every year, we should put more effort into the celebration of National Pancake Day. Bring out the butter and maple syrup, it really doesn't matter whether it's for breakfast or for dinner pancakes are good any time of day. According to pancakes are an old staple, dating back to Ancient Greece.

We have all heard the rule don't play with your food but when it comes to National Pancake Day you have to have some fun and here are 3 ways to get it done.

  1. Try a new flavor or style of pancakes, or try putting a new topping on your pancake.
  2. Make pancakes for dinner, great creative and pair them with something like chicken and waffles.
  3. Make fun pancake designs, remember good looking food normally tastes good too.

Pancakes have always been a great comfort food, reminding us of good times growing up. It's always nice to eat food that makes us happy, so make sure you take the time to enjoy the always fun National Pancake Day on Wednesday, September 26th.

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