I will admit I am the farthest thing from a movie buff. Most "classic" movies I have never seen but I did see something over the weekend that was fantastic and I think all people should watch it. The movie is called Green Book, make sure when you're looking it up you don't search The Green Book that is something entirely different.

The movie is based around a fantastic piano player who is about to go on a tour showcasing his talent in the deep south during the 1960's. The piano player (Dr. Don Shirley) who is black needed to find the perfect companion to go on the road with him as he knew they would be facing racism throughout the trip.

He met a guy named Tony Lip, and the movie details the journey of the men traveling and getting through adversity together. It is an unlikely pair but they seem to make it work, in most occasions. Its a movie that will really make you think but the plot and acting is wonderful from beginning to end.

Even for someone like me who doesn't watch movies all that often this is one that you should really watch, it is tremendous. If you want to check it out in theater you can still see it at Edwards Boise Downtown 9, Edwards Boise 21 & IMAX, or at Majestic Cinemas at least for now.

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