The 2022 Emmy Nominations came out yesterday, and instead of celebrated all the wonderful shows, actors, actresses, and crew nominated for their hard work, we are, yet again, focused on the snubs.

Now, we're not just complaining to complain here. The snubs this year are totally egregious.

"This Is Us," "Yellowstone," and "Stranger Things" are among the biggest snubs at the Emmy Awards this year. Yes, "Stranger Things" earned many nominations, 13 total, but the cast was shown no love! Shouldn't Sadie Sink have been nominated this year for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series? She certainly earned it, not to mention Millie Bobby Brown.

"Yellowstone' is a show near to dear to our hearts, but it was completely snubbed. Not a single nomination for one of the biggest shows of the year. Very disappointing.

However, for me the biggest snub had to be Selena Gomez not getting nominated for her acting in "Only Murders in the Building." It's very upsetting. Not just because she deserved it, but her two male co-stars were nominated as Best Actor in a Comedy Series. Both of them! Steve Martin and Martin Short both got nominated. Surely, Selena would, too, right? Nope. Snub for Selena when it comes to acting categories.

I get that Martin and Short are icons and legends in comedy. They deserved to be nominated for their roles on the show. If they did, then so does Selena. She's a third of the show! No less than they are pieces of it. I'm very bothered by this lack of nomination. Clearly, I'm not alone. Steve Martin weighed in on it, himself.

It wasn't all bad news for Selena, though. She was nominated for her work as a producer. Just not as an actor. Steve made sure to celebrate her accomplishments on Twitter.

What a great guy. How could you not love Steve Martin? But we are feeling for Selena and feel like she earned that nomination. She's a great person and a fantastic actor and artist. She'll get the awards she deserves soon enough, I have zero doubt.

Let's check out the full list of nominees to see who else got snubbed.

2022 Emmy Nominations List

Here are 20 of the biggest categories for the 2022 Prime Time Emmy Awards. Some steep competition this year.
Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images
Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Now that you've seen the list, who do you think was the biggest snub this year? I'm still going with Selena! For the full list of nominations, check out the list on Variety.

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