Before heading to the Boise airport I always double-check I have the two most important things: my ID and my boarding pass. In the past decade or so it's been easier than ever to already have your ticket/boarding pass loaded in your phone - either via the airline's app or in your Apple Wallet. In the near future, you can expect your ID will also be a part of this convenience.

Apple has enlisted eight states for its new program that allows users to add their ID to their Apple Wallet for use at airport security checkpoints. The states enlisted in the program are Arizona, Georgia, Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah.

“Utah has always been a forward-looking state. We regularly hear from people who want to access their driver's license through their phones,” said Jess Anderson, commissioner of the Utah Department of Public Safety. “This is a great opportunity for Utah to work with Apple in an innovative use of technology. This secure mobile license adds convenience while helping keep Utah safe.”

According to Apple, the program will add your ID "safely and securely".  Users will just need to take a selfie after adding their ID to Apple Wallet, then complete facial and head movements similar to those used to activate Apple's Face ID. Users can then tap their iPhone or Apple Watch at the identity reader for security.

Apple hasn't announced when this program will start so don't forget your IDs in the meantime. If this eventually rolls out to all of states, it's going to be even easier than before to travel. Now all you'll have to remember is to bring your phone with you to the airport.

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