Have you ever noticed how often you hear Idahoans say "sorry" in a day? Apparently, we could stand to use a few more sorries around here. 

According to Preply, certain states apologize more than others, and Idaho doesn't even make the list. Utah, on the other hand, leads the pack when it comes to using the S word with average of 4 or more apologies per day. Sorry, y'all...it looks like Idaho's got some catching up to do 🙃 

Apologies and respect go hand-in-hand in Utah. 

What makes Utah residents so remorseful and apologetic? Doesn't it seem sort of bizarre? Honestly, no. Not when we look at it from their perspective. 

One reason Utah residents apologize so much is because apologizing is a part of the culture. Known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, Utah emphasizes the importance of kindness and consideration early in life. 

As a result, apologizing is seen as a way to show empathy and care for their neighbors. It may seem odd if you're unaccustomed to it, but Utah residents apologize even for things that may not necessarily be their fault. But what are you going to do? Fault them for being too nice?

Religion and conflict avoidance have fueled Utah's "sorry culture."

Utah also has a strong religious culture. The majority of the population are LDS members. Within LDS teachings, apologizing is emphasized as a way to seek humility and spiritual growth, and maturity. Maybe we could use a few more wards around the valley😉 

Who hasn't apologized to head off a confrontation? Instead of arguing or getting into a physical fight, apologies typically deescalate a situation and make room for a peaceful way forward. 

Could it lead to someone becoming a doormat? Sure. But as long you don't walk around apologizing for your very existence, expressing remorse reflects well on a Utah resident's character. 

Apologizing is the polite thing to do. 

It's pretty simple: apologizing is seen as the polite thing to do in Utah. Whether apologizing for taking too long to walk through a door someone is holding open for you or saying "excuse me" in a crowded area, apologizing is just good manners. 

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It may seem unnecessary or over-the-top to some folks, but being generous with the "I'm sorries" helps maintain social harmony for our neighbors to the south. 

It actually makes us want to pay closer attention to how often we say we're "sorry." Who knows? Maybe Idaho would be even more awesome if locals took a page from Utah's book. 

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